Are there accommodations close by?
The closest Hotel is Ramada on the Rideau located 15 minutes away. We have preferred rates with them. Both Kanata and the airport are 20 minutes away from the venue if that is more convenient for you and your guests. A shuttle can be booked to safely transport guests to and from the wedding. Click here for pricing on shuttle service.

Do you have a guest house or accommodations on-site?
Not on-site, but we are close to Ramada on the Rideau.

Audio, Video and Lighting

Do you have audiovisual equipment?
Yes. We have 2 projectors at the front of the venue and TV’s throughout the facility. There is an in-house audio system that can be controlled in every room throughout the venue. There is a podium and microphone that can be used for speeches and is included in all packages.

How are slideshows and videos played?
We have our own media system that sends the video to the projectors and all TV’s throughout the venue. Slideshows and presentations need to be administered by our staff. Sound from the presentation and videos use the in-house audio system.

Can the DJ connect into your sound system?
DJ’s are required to bring their own speakers and system as their equipment does not connect into our sound system.

Do you have an in-house up-lighting system?
Yes. We have a state-of-the art lighting system built in to our venue. It includes LED up-lighting to transform the atmosphere within the hall. We have 8 presets that are available at no extra cost. These lighting presents can be viewed during the site visit. See our packages for pricing details for a fully customized lighting design for your event.

Beverages and Bar

Is there a bar available?
We have a full service bar. Depending on the event size, we set up an additional station to serve wine and beer.

What time does the bar close?
Last call is 12:45 am with the venue closing at 1:00am.

Can we bring our own alcohol or suggest a different wine?
If available, we can arrange for other wines with a minimum of six weeks’ notice. All alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages are provided by Century Weddings and Events.

Is there water available?
Water canisters or carafes are provided on the tables at every event. If you prefer, we can set-up a water station instead.

Booking and Deposit

Can I set up a time to visit the facility?
Absolutely! We are very flexible and have site visits when it’s convenient for your schedule, including evenings and weekends. Please call or email us to set up an appointment.

How can I secure a date for my special event?
In order to save your date with us we require a down payment of $4,000 for most events.

What is the payment structure?
After the deposit, the total payment is due 3 weeks prior to your event date. By this time your final guest count and menu options need to be selected. We accept cheques and E-Transfers for the deposit and a cheque for the remaining balance. Cheques should be made to Century Weddings and Events. Day-of expenses such as the guests’ beverage purchases can be paid by cash, debit and major credit cards upon ordering.

If for ANY reason we needed to cancel once signing the contract, what would happen?
Our contracts states that the deposit is non-refundable as we use it to make deposits to third parties (venue, caterer, bar service and other staffing) required for your wedding day. Should there be a life major life changing circumstance, we work with the 3rd parties to reclaim as much of the deposit as possible.


Can I decorate the facility?
Any free standing decoration is permitted. Our in-house decorating team is also able to hang items/décor on the stage and along the sides of the venue (from the hanging bars). We do not permit items to be pinned or taped. Rice and confetti are also not permitted.

Are open flame candles permitted?
Open flame candles are not permitted under fire regulations. Votive candles and candles surrounded by glass can be used.

View our decoration packages to see what options we can provide.
View our list of inventory to see what items are available for your use.

Event Coordinator

After I book my special event what should I expect from my wedding coordinator?
The main duties of the wedding coordinator before your big day are to:
– answer any questions that are not available on-line or in our information package.
– schedule a taste tasting with the caterer (if applicable)
– help review your floor plan and seating chart as well as your itinerary.

The main duties of the wedding coordinator on your big day are to:
– Coordination of drop-offs
– Coordination of setup
– Coordination with DJ/MC, kitchen and follows the predetermined itinerary
– Their main focus along with the rest of the staff is to ensure that you and your guests have the best experience possible.

Do I need to follow the planned itinerary exactly?

No, but we require the itinerary to be followed with regards to the meal courses so that you and your guests can enjoy the food when it is ready. If you are unsure of the length of time of some of the speeches, leave some buffer time so that we can avoid bringing out a new meal course while someone is speaking.


Facility Fee – $1950
This facility fee is the cost it takes to open the doors and clean the facility once the party leaves. The group can enter the facility up to 4 hours ahead of the scheduled event for decoration.

When renting the facility, here is a list of the inclusions:
– Access to the main hall, foyer and the three public washrooms inside the facility
– Access to 6000 sq.ft of patio and walkways around the facility
– Access to bar area
– General Lighting (8 presets)
– Podium with one microphone
– Waste and disposal services
– All other utility services

Fee applies to any event with duration up to 8 hours (ending no later than 1 am on the following day).

On-site Ceremony Fee – $500
This covers the additional setup, time at the venue and use of the outdoor space (weather permitting). In either case a portable sound system with microphone is included.
Typical start time is 4pm.

Bar Minimum Fee – $500
If alcohol is sold at your event either has a consumption host bar or a cash bar (where your guests pay for their own drinks), at least $500 of drinks must be sold (excluding HST) to avoid this fee.

This covers the cost of stocking the bar, the bartenders, bar hands and dishwashers that have been staffed for your event.

If the total amount sold is less than $500, you simply cover the remaining balance.

SOCAN Fee – $117
Authors and Music Publishers of Canada fee are required if music is played.

Cake Cutting Fee – $0
Security Fee – $0
Rehearsal Fee – $0
Overnight Storage – $0
Overnight Parking – $0

All food and beverages are subject to a 15% service charge also known as gratuity. This includes the gourmet, buffet and cocktail meal packages.

All items and prices on this site are subject to HST (13%).

Food and Catering

Do you cater for all dietary requirements?
We can provide vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free at no additional cost. We can also accommodate Halal and other dietary restrictions at an additional cost. Our only request is that we receive any dietary requirements ahead of time. Our kitchen is peanut-free, but we can’t ensure that our guests don’t bring nuts into the venue. While we take great care to ensure no cross-contamination when considering allergies, we cannot guarantee that our kitchen is free of food items that can cause fatal allergic reactions. Couples should advise guests to take precautions to ensure their own health and safety.

Are we able to bring in food from a third party supplier?
We do permit a sweets table for traditional sweets. We also permit wedding cakes from third party suppliers as well.

Are we able to customize a menu?
Yes. Send your requested dishes and we will confirm with our in-house caterer.

Do you permit outside catering?
Yes – but with a few restrictions.
– Permitted on non-Saturdays.
– On-site kitchen is not available for use. This includes warming the food on-site.
– Caterer needs to be pre-approved, food prepared in a commercial and inspected kitchen off-site and that the presentation and food quality meets Century Weddings and Events standards.
– Along with the facility fee, there is a staffing fee of $125 for every 25 guests.
– Complete place settings must be rented from Century Weddings and Events.
– Beverages, coffee/tea, desserts and late night snacks must be provided by our in-house catering.
– For alcoholic weddings only, the bar minimum fee is also in effect. Our flower and décor bundles can also be added to externally catered events.


Is vehicle parking available for our wedding guests?
Yes. On-site parking is complimentary and there are over 100 spots available.

Are guests permitted to leave their cars overnight?
We prefer if the cars are removed that night, but we would rather guests arrive home safely. Guests can leave their cars overnight (at their own risk). They should be removed by 11am the following day as to not impact parking for other events.

Do you accommodate buses?
Yes – there is ample parking at our venue for buses.

Tables and Floor Layout

Click here to download a blank floor layout with dimension

Can the head table be positioned on the stage or other leveraged equipment?
Yes it can be on stage. We also have 8″ or 16″ risers that could be used.

How many guests are seated per table?
Both the round tables and the rectangle tables seat 8 guests per table. Visit our inventory page to see the dimensions of the tables and linens.

Do you have any sample floor layouts?
Visit the sample floor layouts gallery for some sample floor layouts. Create your own custom floor plan or use one of the ones provided.

What tables are included?
We have the rectangular banquet tables. These tables and their linens are included in every package. It is not a problem for us to bring in round tables but they are an additional cost.

Venue Capacity

What is the capacity of the Ottawa South Convention Center?
The Ottawa South Convention Center accommodates weddings and Events for 250 guests comfortably, but can accommodate up 300 guests for a formal sit-down dinner.

What is the capacity for a Ceremony?
The Ottawa South Convention Center accommodates ceremonies of up to 250 persons. We have both indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces. If it rains, we can hold the wedding indoors. In such cases, we need to allow 1-1.5 hours between the ceremony and the reception for the hall to be set-up (depending on the number of guests).
What is the minimum group size that I can book for?
Saturdays (May – October) – 120 Guests
Long Weekend Fridays/Sundays – 100 Guests
Regular Fridays/Sundays any other day – 80 Guests
For group sizes below 80, we find that the banquet hall is too big.
Our extended bar area can be used for smaller groups of 40-60 guest (Available Monday-Wednesday evening)

Can we still have the event if we are below the guest minimum for that day?
Yes. You can simply pay to meet the minimum guest requirement. Some exceptions can be made if booking a premium open bar package or a premium flower and décor package.

Where are you located?
1981 Century Road West, North Gower Ontario. View the Contact Us form for map and directions.

Venue Furniture and Policies

What items are available for use?
Please see our list of inventory to see what is available for you to use at no cost and what items may be rented from Century Weddings and Events. Some wedding and décor packages include these rental items.

Does the building have air conditioning?
Yes. The Ottawa South Convention Center is air conditioned.

Are you wheelchair accessible?
Yes. We are fully wheelchair accessible both inside and around our 6,000 square feet of outdoor patio space.

Are you pet friendly?
Yes. Service animals are always permitted and if your pet is to be a part of your big day, then we permit this during the ceremony.

Where is smoking permitted?
Smoking is permitted in the designated smoking areas following the city of Ottawa’s bylaws. Smoking is not permitted under the awning. E-cigarettes are permitted indoors but can be used in the designated smoking areas.

Are fireworks permitted?
Yes – weather permitting. We follow the city of Ottawa by-laws and proper procedures must be followed and precautions must be taken to ensure the safety of everyone.

Are we permitted to use the firepit by the outdoor ceremony space?
We follow the city of Ottawa by-laws when it concerns outdoor fires. Alcoholic beverages are restricted to licensed area. Additional security measures may be required which would be an additional cost.

Wedding Specific

Click here to download a sample wedding itinerary and production timeline

Do you host more than one wedding or event at a time?
We only host one wedding or event per day on the location. You and your guests are the focus for the entire day and throughout the entire grounds.

Can we invite guests after dinner?
Yes, for no additional fee unless you have a package that contains a late night snack, there is a fee of $15/guest. For anyone invited after dinner, we require their names so that you only have invited guests attending your party.

Can I have a rehearsal prior to my wedding day?
Yes. Rehearsals are usually conducted on the Thursday before your event. That is the time for you, your wedding party and anyone else that is required to be there (i.e. photographer, wedding officiant).

If you have purchased the lighting package, this is when you can configure your customized presets with the lighting technician.

At this rehearsal, you can also bring your items for complimentary overnight storage (at your own risk).

Do you cater to alternative weddings?
Yes. We cater to most weddings especially traditional and cultural weddings.

What time does the ceremony and dinner start?
The ceremony typically starts at 4pm and the dinner starts at 6pm. This leaves time for pictures to be taken between the ceremony and the dinner.

How early can we get in to decorate or have items dropped off?
You have access to the venue at least 4 hours before the event start time. Drop-offs and setup should take place during that time. During the rehearsal, you are also able to bring decorations and store them on-site (at your own risk).

Where can I have my pictures taken?
If the ceremony is on-site, most people take family portraits at the venue either near the pergola, against the stone pillars or on the patios and landscaped grounds for a rural chic setting. For the wedding party shots, some guests prefer to go off-site and use the Manotick mill (which is a 5 minute drive) or the tree canopy at the end of Third Line Road North (2 minute drive with limited summer/fall access).

Do I need to provide a meal for the DJ/Photographer or other vendors?
Most vendors require a meal if they must perform services both before and after or during a meal time. If they require a seat, then they simply count as an additional guest. If they do not require a seat, a discounted vendor meal may be available (depending on the meal package)

Do we have to use the suppliers on your referral list?
No. This list is simply there to help you with your planning.

Do we have a bridal preparation room?
Yes. We have an 400 square foot room equipped with it’s own washrooms and one way glass out into the main hall. Later on in the evening, this can also double as a room for young children or toddlers (if any) as there are TV’s, toys and a microwave.

Do we need to remove decor at the end of the night?
Any decor that you bring must leave with you at the end of the night. If you are using our decor services, we do permit overnight storage for any items that you bring in.