Facility Fee - $1950

Depending on the packages selected or the total guest count, some discounts may apply.

This facility fee is the cost it takes to open the doors and clean the facility once the party leaves. The group can enter the facility up to 4 hours ahead of the scheduled event for decoration.

When renting the facility, here is a list of the inclusions:
-Access to the main hall, foyer and the three public washrooms inside the facility
– Access to 6000 sq.ft of patio and walkways around the facility
– Access to bar area
– General Lighting
– Podium with one microphone
– Waste and disposal services
– All other utility services

For any event up to 8 hours in length (ending no later than 1 am on the following day).

On-site Ceremony Fee - $500

This covers the additional setup, time at the venue and use of the outdoor space (weather permitting). In either case a portable sound system with microphone is included.

Typical start time is 4pm.

Bar Minimum Fee - $500

If alcohol is sold at your event either has a consumption host bar or a cash bar (where your guests pay for their own drinks), at least $500 of drinks must be sold (excluding HST) to avoid this fee.

This covers the cost of stocking the bar, the bar tenders, bar hands and dishwashers that have been staffed for your event.

If the total amount sold is less then $500, you simply cover the remaining balance.

SOCAN Fee - $117

Authors and Music Publishers of Canada fee are required if music is played.

Cake Cutting Fee - $0

Our staff are being paid to be there and serve you. We believe that cake cutting is a part of their service and thus we don’t think it’s fair to charge a cake cutting fee.

Security Fee - $0

Security is necessary for an event to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your guests.

Rehearsal Fee - $0

Rehearsals are usually conducted on the Thursday before your event. That is the time for you, your wedding party and anyone else that is required to be there (i.e. photographer, wedding officiant).

If you have purchased the lighting package, this is when you can configure your customized presets with the lighting technician.

At this rehearsal, you can also bring your items for overnight storage.

Overnight Parking - $0

We want you and your guests to arrive home safe. If a designated driver decides to drink and takes alternate transportation home, the vehicle can be picked up the following day before noon.

Service Fee - 15%

All food and beverages are subject to a 15% service fee also known as gratuity. This includes the gourmet, buffet and cocktail meal packages.

All items and prices on this site are subject to HST (13%).

All prices shown here are subject to HST (13%).
Prices may change without notice.